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Lower Price Point

Being a virtual network allows for lower cost and deeper savings. This lack of overhead translates into significant savings on every project you do with us. Do you really need us to have a Gold Coast address? Really?


Our network includes some of the best DP’s, designers, animators, VFX and photographers in the industry. In fact, some of the same talent the big house agencies use. Why pay more for the same thing? No seriously, why?


We aren’t the typical, old-fashioned, top-down organization so the speed in which we can deliver is, in a word, awesome. While others are sleeping, taking weekends off or eating, Balihoo is working for you.

We Build Brands and Help Them Succeed.

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Our Challenge

our virtual process is simply better

When we put Balihoo together, we knew our virtual environment would be ‘disruptive’ to a margin heavy industry. Having been on the client side, we have seen first-hand what those heavy margins pay for: office space, staff, customer visits, parties, golf trips, and ping pong tables. Keep in mind a lot of the bigger agencies don’t even keep the really talented DPs, animators and editors on staff as those individuals know they can make more freelancing. So we decided to let them freelance and continue to do what they do, but we’ll remove the overhead and give those savings back to you. The same quality at a lower cost? Yes! That’s why we are disruptive. And we like it.


Identify your needs

We work quickly to understand your project needs and how this particular project fits into the ‘larger picture.’ The more discovery we do at this phase, the better your final product will be.

Assign talent

This is the heart of the Balihoo offering; you only pay for the actual talent that works on your project. We take pride on trimming where we can, without sacrificing quality, while still utilizing the industries best talent. It’s a win-win.

the 'wow' effect

This part is easy, as we have done all the hard work up front. Now we are just left to do what we love, create. Get ready to be treated like a Rock Star after others see your project; it happens a lot.
So What’s Next?

We Are Ready! Let’s Work!